We are always looking for ways to improve our courses as well as generate new ones to keep campers engaged all summer! Course offerings are specific to a given session and change throughout the summer based on our campers' interests and staff.

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Summer 2020 Courses

Week 1 and 2 Courses

Computer Science Level 1: Campers acquired the skill of thinking like a programmer, while sparking their interest for technology and code through collaborative projects.  

Cinematography: Cinematography was an immersive course that provided campers with the essentials of visual storytelling. 

Medical Sciences: Using case studies, creative projects, and online simulations, students  established a tool set for assessing illness in order to make their own mock diagnoses. 

Entrepreneurship: During the week, campers collaborated with one another to redesign an object in their everyday lives. By the end of the week, teams will come away with a business plan for a completely new product! 

Week 3 and 4 Courses

3D Graphics: Campers acquired tools necessary to step into the endless world of computer-generated imagery used by concept artists, character modelers, animators, architects, game designers, and movie studios!

Songwriting: This course gave campers the tools to produce completely original songs. From lyric writing to the basics of music theory, campers also cultivated their own, unique sound and musical taste.

Ecology: Campers explored the diverse, natural world around us, focusing on developing the skills needed for students to conduct their own research. 

Fashion Design: During the week, we explored the process of turning their designs into wearable art and even creating a clothing line from scratch! 

Week 5 and 6 Courses

Acting: Throughout the week, campers learned how to create characters, break down monologues and perform group scenes. This collaborative course culminated in a digital performance! 


Epidemiology: This course was rooted in research methods for public health and the health sciences and empowered students to decide which evidence-based policies they would apply to protect a population. 


Coding: Building off of the skills learned in Computer Science 1, campers took a deep dive into the syntax and logic of coding in Python, one of the most used languages by today’s professional programmers! 

Architecture: In Camp Connect’s Architecture course, campers learned how to analyze and create their own scaled architectural drawings. 

Week 7 and 8 Courses

3D Graphics Level 2:  Campers covered new and creative modeling techniques that allowed for campers to truly turn their imagination into reality. 

Music Production and Engineering:  Campers learned to record tracks, make awesome drum beats, and design really funky and fun sounds--all with just a computer and headphones.

Photoshop: Campers learned to think like a graphic designer and apply the fundamental skills of Photoshop to your own designs and photographs. 

Website Design: Through professional coding languages such as HTML and CSS, instructors guided campers through the entire process of building their very own professional website. 

The Great Debate: In The Great Debates, we will searched for the topics and questions that interest us most and engaging in live, moderated debates about them every day.