Courses offered at Camp Connect are under constant development. We are always looking for ways to improve our courses as well as generate new ones to keep campers engaged all summer. Course offerings are specific to a given session and will change throughout the summer based on our campers' interests and staff.

session five and session six

3D Graphics, Coding, Acting, Architecture, Epidemiology


3D Graphics

Get introduced to the incredibly powerful and creative world of computer graphics and animation at Camp Connect! Campers will dive into the 3D world to learn how to navigate, model, texture, and animate! We will explore fundamental skills through a series of daily projects, and by the end of the week, campers will be designing and implementing their own ideas into a project of their choice. This course will help campers acquire the tools necessary to step into the endless world of computer-generated imagery used by concept artists, character modelers, animators, architects, game designers, movie studios, and so much more!

Recommended for: Coding, Fashion Design, Entrepreneurship

Note: The week five and six  3D Graphics course will cover the same topics taught during weeks three and four.


Ever dreamed of performing on the big stage, or working alongside your favorite actor? Whether in front of a camera or on a stage, this introduction into acting will provide campers with the tools and confidence to become a star! Together, we will dive into creating characters, breaking down monologues and scenes, and fostering a supportive, creative environment. Culminating in a digital performance performed by the campers, Acting is the engaging, collaborative course campers have been waiting for! Get ready to laugh, play, and express yourself at Camp Connect Acting!


Recommended for: Cinematography, Fashion Design, Songwriting


Become an epidemiologist, detecting and controlling simulated disease outbreaks during Camp Connect’s Epidemiology Course. Campers will learn how local, state, and national health agencies survey populations for contagious disease and the research methods that empower critical decisions such as quarantining cities. This course is rooted in research methods for public health and the health sciences, empowering students to decide for themselves which evidence-based policies they would apply to protect a population. In this course, campers call the shots, while the choices they make each day could mean life or death for their simulated nations. 


Recommended for: Entrepreneurship, Medical Sciences, Ecology


Campers will take a deep dive into the syntax and logic of coding in Python, one of the most used languages by today’s professional programmers! Learn to think like a software developer and apply the fundamental concepts behind applications you use every day! Campers will learn how to create algorithms to solve problems through  project-based learning. By the end of the week campers will be well on their way to becoming full-fledged programmers! Campers who took Computer Science at Camp Connect, or newcomers interested in math, puzzles, or problem solving will thrive in Coding!

Recommended for: Computer Science, 3D Graphics, Entrepreneurship


Grab a pencil, paper, and a ruler because that is all campers will need to create the buildings, structures, and other architectural feats of the future. In Camp Connect’s Architecture course, campers will learn how to analyze and create their own scaled architectural drawings. Campers will turn ideas into blueprints, while specifically honing their fine arts skills and ability to represent 3D structures on 2D paper--a difficult but incredibly valuable skill in the professional world. From dream house to skyscraper, design the future of the world around you in Architecture at Camp Connect!


Recommended for: Fashion Design, 3D Graphics, Entrepreneurship

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Past Courses

Week 1 and 2 Courses

Computer Science Level 1: Campers acquired the skill of thinking like a programmer, while sparking their interest for technology and code through collaborative projects.  By the end of the week, campers designed and implemented their own projects based on their personal interests. 

Cinematography: Cinematography was an immersive course that provided campers with the essentials of visual storytelling. By the end of the week, each camper created their very own short film. This course provided a rich and hands-on perspective into the beginnings of cinematographic storytelling!

Medical Sciences: Using case studies, creative projects, and online simulations, students learned about the medical field in a way they never have before! By the end of this course, students  established a tool set for assessing illness in order to make their own mock diagnoses. 

Entrepreneurship: During the week, campers learned about how entrepreneurs have shaped our world. They collaborated with one another to redesign an object in their everyday lives. By the end of the week, teams will come away with a business plan for a completely new product of their own! 


Week 3 and 4 Courses

3D Graphics: Campers dived into the 3D world to learn how to navigate, model, texture, and animate. Campers acquired the tools necessary to step into the endless world of computer-generated imagery used by concept artists, character modelers, animators, architects, game designers, movie studios, and so much more!

Songwriting: With no past music training required, this course gave campers the tools to produce completely original songs. From lyric writing to the basics of music theory, campers not only learned the techniques used by their favorite artists, but also cultivated their own, unique sound and musical taste.

Ecology: Earth is home to millions of fascinating plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and so many other living things. Campers explored the diverse, natural world around us, focusing on developing the skills needed for students to conduct their own research. 

Fashion Design: Fashion is such a powerful way of expressing our personality, creativity and culture. During the week, we explored the process of turning their designs into wearable art and even creating a clothing line from scratch! This course provided a window into the incredible world of fashion and all of its exciting avenues.