In joining our community, campers will become part of a week-long course that will engage and challenge them from start to finish. Our courses are designed to provide campers with the skills and support to make something real, whether it’s a computer program or a homemade short film. Our diverse collection of courses will keep campers busy and absorbed in conversations and project building, while giving parents hours of well-deserved relief each day.

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Group Activity: Our lesson time where students will learn new topics and discuss previous projects.  This is done all over video chat with a mentoring college student teaching. Additionally, we will utilize breakout rooms to give campers the opportunity to work collaboratively on mini-projects to try-out what they just learned.

Project Time: Our version of “office hours” where campers are working on their projects. Counselors are available on an open zoom to provide help if needed, but this time is mostly used for campers to take what they learned in their morning group activity and dive into their projects. Your camper could also work on their project later in the day, if you have other commitments—teachers will be available later in the day on an individual basis.

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Current Course Offerings

Courses offered at Camp Connect are under constant development. We are always looking for ways to improve our courses as well as generate new ones to keep campers engaged all summer. Course offerings are specific to a given session and will change throughout the summer based on our campers' interests and staff.

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session one and session two

Computer Science, Medical Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Cinematography

Computer Science

Level 1

Get introduced to the incredibly powerful and creative world of computer science at Camp Connect! Campers will learn from bottom up, starting with the basis of computation, and building up to designing and implementing their own projects based on their personal interests. This course will help campers acquire the skill of thinking like a programmer, while sparking their interest for technology and code through collaborative projects. Additionally, campers will explore the fundamental mechanisms behind cutting-edge technology that is changing the world today. Campers interested in technology, puzzles, math, or problem solving would thrive in this course!


Filmmaking 1

Sharing stories is at the heart of connecting with others. Cinematography is an immersive course that will provide campers with the essentials of visual storytelling. By the end of the week, each camper will have their own portfolio, starting with photographs and ending with their very own short film. Not only will they learn the technical skills and explore the history of cinema itself, campers will also meet and talk to award-winning filmmakers about their process and their ideas. This course will provide a rich and hands-on perspective into the beginnings of cinematographic storytelling and its endless possibilities.

Medical Sciences 

Do you want to be a doctor? Taught by a team of Pre-Med college students, this course will introduce the topics that make up medicine, from human body systems and vaccines, to the way it plays a role in our everyday lives. Using case studies, creative projects, and online simulations, students will learn about the medical field in a way they never have before! By the end of this course, students will have established a tool set for assessing illness in order to make their own mock diagnoses. Understanding the medical sciences has become increasingly important in today’s world and we are excited to fuel our campers’ curiosity in the field!


Product Design

In our Entrepreneurship: Product Design course, campers will learn how to think like an innovator. During the week, campers will learn about the entrepreneurs that have shaped our world and work together with their fellow business partners to redesign an object in their everyday lives. They will build off of each other’s creative ideas as they brainstorm solutions and sketch out prototypes, all while using fundamental language and processes employed by leading entrepreneurs. By the end of the week, teams will come away with a business plan for a completely new product of their own! Our course will empower campers to become the visionaries we know they are.

More Courses Offered

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Have a younger camper or sibling? Check out Camp Connect Jr!