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This week is probably something I will look back at. Coming here was one of the highlights of the day! I really loved camp connect and I will suggest it to friends as well!

- Ishaan

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I had a lot of fun designing my product!

- Lila 

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our mission

In a time of social distance, we believe fostering community and creativity is incredibly important. Powered by a team of passionate, eccentric college students, Camp Connect is an online experience for kids ages 10 to 14, centered around exploration, collaboration, and fun! Our small group, project-based courses weave student learning with creative activities to show kids that even when we are stuck inside, we can still think outside the box.

We are an energetic team of college students from some of the top universities across the country. We are ready to share our diverse range of interests and help build creative projects together this summer!

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Group Activity: Our lesson time where students will learn new topics and discuss previous projects

Project Time: Our version of “office hours” where campers are working on their projects. Counselors are available on an open zoom to provide help if needed, but this time is mostly used for campers to take what they learned in their morning group activity and dive into their projects. 


We are super excited about Camp Connect and hope that your children can join us this summer! 

Make sure to sign up as soon as possible, we have limited capacity!